Recording instructions

If you are sending us a recording from your phone or PC, we strongly advise adhering to these guidelines to get the best result. (Note: we may reject recordings with poor sound quality)


Terms and conditions

We don't have time for legal jargon and neither do you, so let's keep this simple?

  1. When you pay us the agreed price, we'll record the music as close as we can to the requirements and reference track you specify.
  2. You permit us to use the audio recording you send for the purposes of creating the recording.
  3. We'll endeavour to get your master to you within 10 business days. If for any reason we can't make that deadline, we'll let you know within that time.
  4. We reserve the right to reject an audio recording if we feel it is too poor quality. In this case, we may request another recording from you or offer you a refund.
  5. If you're not happy with the master we send you, you can request one set of revisions. Just tell us what changes you'd like in an email and we'll revise and send you a new master within 10 days. (You can request up to three revisions to the Studioline product)
  6. We won't share or broadcast your recordings anywhere without your prior consent.
  7. You own all publishing, mechanical and broadcast rights to the final recording.
  8. You agree to credit '' wherever the final recording is publicly accessible.
  9. We use CD Baby for streaming our client masters. They take 15% of royalties, we take an admin fee of 5%. We will pay you once a year the balance of 80% of earned royalties due to you for all amounts of $25 or more.
  10. We reserve the right not to proceed with a recording. If for any reason we feel the recording is inappropriate, offensive or detrimental to our business, we will decline and send you a complete refund immediately.
  11. We will never use bagpipes on your song!

This might take a few minutes

Welcome to Songtrakr - a music tracking service for singers & songwriters.

Record your song online now.

How it works

Record your voice and send it to us

Tell us how your song should sound

We'll arrange and record a music track to your voice

Receive a finished master in 5 - 10 days

Maya MyLuv sings for The Songtrakr
We also have a selection of great male and female singers ready to give your song a professional interpretation.

Package prices

We offer three recording packages to suit a variety of needs and budget:


Solo accompaniment. Ideal for 'unplugged' or publisher demo

Arrangement & recording of two live instruments to your voice

Mixing & mastering


Full band rhythm combo. Ideal for personal use or showcase demo

Arrangement & recording of up to five live instruments to your voice including drums, bass, guitars & keyboards

Mixing & mastering


Full studio production. Ideal for general release or broadcast

Arrangement & recording of full combo (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards) to your voice

Production extras, depending on requirement but may include strings, vocal harmony group, percussion, instrumental solo, embellishments

Mixing & mastering


Samples & reviews

What our customers are saying:

Brian Aherne

Fionn Gardner

"A joy from start to finish. World class playing and producing skills."

Brian Aherne

Brian Aherne

"I recorded 3 albums with Songtrakr and enjoyed it immensely. Always wanted the client to be happy with the finished song."

Brian Aherne


"Impeccable attention to detail. Exceeded my expectations. Delivered with the utmost consideration and quality."

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Frequently asked questions

Which recording package is right for me?

We have three recording packages to suit different budgets and uses.

If you are looking get the best chordal or rhythmic accompaniment to a song that you're planning to send as a demo to another artist or just to bring it to the next stage, the Topline (€99) recording will do just fine.

If you're planning to send a demo to a record company or publisher - or if you just want a great version of the song for yourself, then the Backline (€399) package would be best.

If you're planning to release a song in your own name for radio or general release, then you should use the Studioline (€699) package which will be comparable to any modern production.

See what our recording packages include.

What do I need to send? Can I play guitar or piano, or just singing?

We need at least one full version of the song with your solo voice recorded in a quiet place.

If you want to send us a version accompanied with another instrument, that’s fine, but you will need to record this separately. If you want to play and sing, we recommend sending us one recording with two versions - one accompanied and one unaccompanied. (Please read our recording guidelines before submitting a recording)

How do I record and send my vocal?

If you don’t have access to professional equipment to send us your vocal, you can get excellent results using a modern smartphone or tablet device, by following our recording guidelines.

Who decides the style and genre?

You do.

When ordering, please specify the style and sound you want for your song. It’s important that you provide as much information as you can, so we know exactly what you’re looking for. We also strongly recommend that you send us a link to a reference track from Youtube or Spotify of a song that you like the sound of. While we obviously won't replicate the sound of the reference track, it will give us the best idea of what sound you want.

How long does it take?

Most tracks are complete in around five days, but you should allow up to ten days to receive your master.

Can I purchase a recording for someone else?

Yes we can supply gift vouchers. Please get in touch with us to arrange.

What instruments are used in my recording?

We use a mix of live instruments and high quality sample libraries to create the most authentic live recorded sound for your song.

Acoustic and electric guitars, basses and pianos are used in conjunction with live triggered drum samples and string sections where necessary. Generally, we don’t use quantization on recordings unless the genre dictates it. This gives all our recordings a distinctive natural feel.

How do you record music to my unaccompanied vocal?

When we receive your vocal track, we take a tempo reading from it to find the closest matching tempo. Then we ascertain the key and write out the chord structure. (If you sent a separate accompanied version, we go by that)

Next, we create a new track using the tempo and add in the basic chord pattern. Once we have that we add your vocal track - usually making some minor edits to make sure it fits the beat and pitch of the music. From there, we add the other instruments, then edit, mix and master.

Can I make changes to the master if I’m not happy?

Yes, you can request one set of revisions to your recording. (up to three for Studioline product) Just send us an email within 7 days of receiving your master with a list of the changes you desire. Extra revisions can be requested for €25.

Can I get a backing track version?

Yes, a backing track version of your song (without voice) is available for €19.

If I'm singing without accompaniment, how can I stay in time or in tune?

When you send us your track, we'll create a track based on the average tempo and pitch of your recording. When we create the track, we can edit your timing and pitch where necessary to ensure it's spot on. Just focus on singing your melody as best as you can and we'll take care of the musical details!

Won't the recording quality of my phone be very bad?

Actually, no. Most modern phones nowadays have excellent microphones fitted. Also, our app records your voice as a high resoltion uncompressed WAV file. While the quality obviously won't be the same as a professional studio microphone, by following our recording guidelines, you should get excellent results that most people won't be able to tell the difference.

If you have access to professional studio recording equipment, you can also send us a pre-recorded audio track of your voice. Just click on 'upload pre-recorded audio file' on the Record page and send us your studio audio instead.

Can I order muliple tracks, like an album?

Our system currently only allows one song to be ordered at a time, so you will need to order and send each song separately. If you are thinking about recording four or more songs and would like to discuss options, then get in touch at

Who we are

Richard Turner from Songtrakr

Songtrakr is headed up by Irish musician and producer Richard Turner who has worked with many well known songwriters and artists such as Brendan Graham (two-times Eurovision winner), Fiachra Trench (Phil Lynott, The Pogues), Phil Coulter (writer of Cliff Richard’s hit ‘Congratulations’), Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing), Columb Farrelly (The Pale), Mick Curry (writer for Christy Moore), Glenn Harrold, Thom Moore, Richie Buckley, and many others.

Formerly The Songworks based in Dublin, Ireland, Songtrakr has been providing valuable music production services to hundreds of songwriters and singers all over the world, bringing their musical ideas to life. Our studio today is located in Wexford, in the South East of Ireland.

Songtrakr now brings our unique high quality music production service online in the form of a recording app that captures high quality audio directly from your phone, tablet or PC and sends it into our state of the art digital production environment, where we arrange and produce a custom music track to your voice.

Record your song online now.

Record a song

This is where the magic happens. Before recording, please make sure you have read our recording guidelines to get the best result. Then, when you're ready to record, just fill out your details here, hit the record button and start singing!



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